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Looking for something to fill that awkward week between Christmas and New Year? Try one of these super easy DIY decorating projects. 

Dulux 6729658 DULUXColourOfTheYear2020TranquilDawn.jpg

Image: Dulux

You know that weird period between Christmas and New Year when you have no idea what day it is? Well seemingly it's somehow ended up with the name Twixtmas! 

However, what may feel like wasted time could well be an opportunity to tackle a DIY job at home. 

We've picked a handful of our favourite projects that will not only be low maintenance enough for anyone in a post-Christmas dinner stupor all week long, but that you'll actually enjoy too. 

Panel a wall

Good Homes Nordic Luxe Room Set Wall Panelling

Image: Good Homes

We can tell you first hand how easy this Jacobean wall panelling from The English Panelling Company is to put up, as we used it in our Good Homes Nordic Luxe room set. Perfect for giving you maximum impact from a simple DIY. 

Or try this panelling DIY

Furniture Choice Wall Panel Diy Project

Image: Furniture Choice 

For a smaller, budget friendly idea to bring panelling into your room, why not try this easy DIY project from Furniture Choice? This is made form using cuts of wooden beading, and has a full tutorial you can follow

Stencil a floor 

Rustoleum Chalky Floor Painted Stencil

Image: Rustoleum 

Boring wooden floors that have seen better days? This tutorial from Rustoleum's Make It Yours is a clever way to bring new life to flooring, without having to go to the effort and expense of laying trendy patterned tiles.  

Create a gallery wall  

Places And Spaces Art Co Travel Prints Gallery Wall

Image: Places and Spaces Art Co 

A gallery wall is a DIY project that could do with having a little time spent on it to figure out the best layout. Look out for handy guides to getting an Instagram-worthy collection and if you're firm on your layout, you won't have to hammer hundreds of nails in the wall (and then fill any mistakes after the fact!)

Create faux Crittall windows 

OriginalStyle Grande Saltram Tiles Crittall Glass Doors

Image: Original Style

Metal Crittall windows are a super trendy style, but very expensive to have installed. We spotted a fabulous DIY project over on Instagram at the weekend. Check out interior designer Daniela Tasca York's makeover of her patio doors by going to her Instagram highlights and selecting 'Patio Doors'. 

Refresh your kitchen

Benjaminmoore Painted Kitchen Purple Lifestyle

Image: Benjamin Moore Paints 

If your kitchen has suffered from all the holiday cooking, why not give it a refresh with a new coat of paint? While it may take a few days to complete from start to finish, it's totally achievable. We've got some other great quick fixes for the kitchen for you to try too! 


Planning on tackling one of these DIY projects? Let us know on social! Tweet us @goodhomesmag or post a comment on our Facebook page, or post a picture of your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #ThisGoodHome for your chance to be featured on our Instagram. 



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