Create a vibrant and motivational work space by choosing to decorate it in a statement colour.

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As Autumn approaches, working from home is set to remain the ‘new normal’ for many people.

But if you’re feeling work from home fatigue, try giving conscious thought to the colours in your work space or home office. We spoke to the team at Always Kalanchoe who teamed up with colour psychology expert Karen Haller to tell us more. 

1. Yellow for positivity

Incorporate yellow into your office scheme. Yellow is a welcoming colour, so a yellow chair or plants on your desk will instantly lift your mood as soon as you sit down to work, as well as helping to boost your self-confidence. Bright yellow kalanchoes (or Flaming Katy) are a good choice as they will bloom happily for up to 10 weeks with very little watering, perfect for busy work schedules.

2. Red for an energy boost

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Red is the colour equivalent of a double espresso shot – a stimulating shade to give you an instant energy boost. Try adding small splashes of red to your workspace that can be drawn on when needed – this could be as simple as popping a few red folders on your desk shelves or a statement red chair.

3. Calming green

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Green is one of the hottest colours for 2020 and the softer tones are very calming, perfect for dealing with work pressures such as deadlines and zoom meetings. This trend goes hand in hand with the rise of houseplants, which have seen sales surge by a third during lockdown as people turn to plants for their positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. 

4. Statement magenta

Magenta is a fiesty colour that is known for being noticed and for challenging the status quo. Magenta wall art or as part of your zoom background will instantly grab attention on video calls to make sure your voice is heard. Why not upcycle your desk by painting is a bold shade that you love.

5. Soft pink for compassion

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Image: Shutterstock/Vesi Boycheva, courtesy of Always Kalanchoe 

Calming, compassionate colours such as soft pinks are perfect for that extra dose of self-care. As we emerge from the pandemic, self-care is vital as businesses wake up to the importance of nurturing mental health and wellbeing. Adorn your walls with soft pink wall art and opt for pastel-coloured accessories.


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