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In light of recent events, many people will find themselves working from home for a period of time. Here are some top tips to help your home keep you motivated.

Organised Scandi Home Office

Image: Furniture Choice

Working from home can be a luxury but it can also be a chore if you struggle to stay switched on and motivated.

We've put together a few top tips to make sure you stay productive in your home office.

Get organised

Sophie Allport Notebook

Image: Sophie Allport

Having the right desk accessories in order for you to stay organised is a must! Invest in a pretty notepad that will encourage you to make daily to-do lists that will keep you on track. A cup of tea on hand isn't a bad idea either! 

Declutter your space

Organised Scandi Home Office

Image: Furniture Choice

Tidy space, tidy mind. Make sure your desk space is decluttered and rid of any excess mess. We suggest opting for stylish storage such as baskets and industrial-style shelving for your home office. 

Be comfortable in your surroundings

Teal Office Space

Image: Anna Jacobs

An important factor of being productive at home is making sure that you are comfortable in your surroundings. When it comes to your desk chair, make sure it's comfortable and supports your back correctly. Think about what it is about your home office that encourages you to want to be there. 

Let in lots of light 

Light Office Space

Image: Ligne Roset

No one wants to work in a dark and dingy space, so ensure you are able to work in an area that is exposed to lots of natural light. Having a desk placed infront of a window is a great idea to optimise productivity. It also helps being able to see the outside world, to make you feel connected.

Stay motivated 

Home Office Wall Mural

Image: Wallsauce

Methods of staying motivated are subjective to the individual but are an important part of working effectively from home. Why not opt for a statement wall mural like this one from Wallsauce? Then you will have no excuse! Or, it could be as simple as having a pinboard full of inspiration. 


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