Written by Jennifer Turner

How to make the Green Homes Grant go further

Here’s why ROCKWOOL might be the best way to spend your home insulation grant


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If you’re embarking on upgrades to make your dream home a green home with the Green Homes Grant, choose more than just energy efficiency.

Insulating your home, particularly your loft, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve energy efficiency. So, if you’re thinking of insulation for your primary measure in the Green Homes Grant, make it go even further by choosing stone wool. Here are the benefits…

Temperature regulation

Lofts are commonly associated with heat loss. In fact, up to 25% of all heat can be lost through a roof. When considering the energy efficiency of your home, ensuring your loft is insulated with a solution that has excellent thermal properties is the best way to reduce energy costs.

However, choosing stone wool goes a step further by helping to regulate temperature, which means keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It’s a win-win.

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Resistance against moisture

Insulation stops heat escaping from living spaces and, as a result, will make the loft space cooler. This has the potential to create condensation and damp problems, so when installing loft insulation always make sure there is adequate ventilation.

Beyond putting ventilation in place, you can increase protection by choosing insulation that has moisture resistant properties. For example, ROCKWOOL stone wool is a breathable material which allows moisture to escape, reducing the risk of mould – if you want to use the Green Homes project as a loft insulation grant, it’s a great choice.

man in loft with rolls of rockwool insulation


Sound reduction

Unwanted noise in your loft can become a serious problem. The random fibre orientation of the structure of stone wool traps sound waves travelling through it and so makes a considerable difference to the acoustics. It helps to overcome problems associated with overhead noise in the rooms below, and the sound of wind and rain against the roof surface. Peace at last.

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Stone wool will last the lifetime of your home. Roof spaces come in a range of shapes and sizes and installing insulation correctly can be a challenge. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation, however, is designed to be rigid in structure yet easy to cut and shape for different areas of your loft, ensuring it stands the test of time with no sagging or gaps.

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Safety first

Made from volcanic rock, stone wool insulation is rated A1 non-combustible, meaning it’s fire resistant and will not burn. Choosing non-combustible insulation can help to slow down the spread of fire and ROCKWOOL stone wool products do not give off any significant toxic smoke. Safety should always be a key consideration when making upgrades to your home.

The Green Homes Grant will help you to achieve better household energy efficiency but using ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation to upgrade your loft will ensure that you see much wider benefits than just energy saving. Government grants for insulation makes this the ideal time to see how it can change your home for the better.