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With summer over, our gardens can start to feel a little bleak. Time to bring some colour into yours with vibrant plant and flower species that will brighten up the winter months.

Pexels Opener

Image: Pexels

It's easy for our gardens to feel neglected as soon as the summer is over, however, just because the seasons are changing doesn't mean you can't enjoy some evergreen wonders right outside your home. 

These expert recommendations from Squires Garden Centres which are the perfect picks to bring colour to your garden through flowers and plants. 

Stunning stems

Waitrose Winterfire

Image: Dobbies

Try Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' which is prized for its red-orange colour winter stems. It looks gorgeously autumnal as it mimics the look of a roaring fire! 

Beautiful berries

Jessica Furtney Berries

Image: Jessica Furtney

Berries-bearing plants are a wonderful way to add colour to your garden, so plant a Pyracantha, Cotoneaster or Gaultheruia. Gaultheria procumbens 'Red Diamond' is an acidic soil-loving, small evergreen shrub with long lasting red berries, which will bring a festive feel to your garden.

Winter flowers

Gordon Jaeger 

Image: Gordon Jaeger 

For flowers that do well in winter, try Cyclamen, Skimmia, Viburnum or Winter Pansies. Pansies are a gardeners favourite and will be easy to find at any garden centre! They come in an assortment of colours that will make your garden pop this winter.


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