No summer is complete without a family barbecue, so make sure to choose a grill that you love with this handy guide. 

bbq grill - buyer's guide to the best barbecues for summer - shopping -

Image: Ironwood

Planning on hosting a barbecue this summer? Make sure you're prepared with a barbecue grill that best suits you and your families needs. 

Choosing the right barbecue

The first thing to consider is whether you want a gas or charcoal-fueled barbecue. While a charcoal barbecue will offer more flavour to your food and they can be less hassle, if you're a frequent barbecue-user and wish to invest in quite a large grill that's super easy and efficient to use, then you may consider a gas-fueled design. 

How it works for you

Consider the size of barbecue you think would be appropriate for your garden. If it's just the two of you and you rarely have guests over then a table top design could be a wise move. Also think about whether or not you want to invest in a barbecue that features smart tech that you can control from your phone. Or, perhaps you want it to have special design features to cook certain foods on.

How much should a barbecue cost?

Barbecues can range from £50 all the way to £2,000+. Like most appliances, you get what you pay for and there is a design to fit every budget and style. We think the most important factor should be how often you intend on using your barbecue and for how many people, which should better inform your decision. 

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Cool and compact

lotus bbq tabletop - buyer's guide to the best barbecues for summer - shopping -

Image: Lotus

The Lotus BBQ grill is the perfect option for a romantic night in the garden. Ideal for two people, this grill uses 90% less charcoal to cook the perfect meal. Undoubtedly the most amazing feature of the Lotus Grill is its speed! It will be ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting. Priced at 149, this barbecue is a steal.

Perfect for families

weber bbq steel blue - buyer's guide to the best barbecues for summer - shopping - 

Image: Weber

Perfect for families who want to cook efficiently and with ease, the Weber Master-Touch Gourmet barbecue features a solid stainless steel Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate which allows you to do a lot more with your grill, with the addition of a GBS accessory you can now cook authentic Italian style pizzas, a whole chicken, steaks with restaurant quality char lines, a full english breakfast and many more delicious dishes! 

King of the BBQ

bbq grill - buyer's guide to the best barbecues for summer - shopping - 

Image: Traeger Grills

The Ironwood 650 is a barbecue fit for a king! Ever wanted a barbecue that you can control with your phone? Well now you can, with the Traeger Ironwood D2 Controller and WiFire Technology. This amazing system allows you to remotely control the temperature of your grill from the Traeger app on your phone. 

Stylish table top

morso bbq grill - buyer's guide to the best barbecues for summer - shopping - 

Image: Morso

The Morso Forno Gas Medio is made from moulded aluminium and the grilling grid from solid cast iron. It's super stylish and would definitely suit a minimalist garden without being too imposing. The four-legged frame provides a stable foundation which makes room for both the control panel and the gas connections.

Low 'n' slow

buyer's guide to the best barbecues for summer - shopping -

Image: Kamado Joe 

The Kamado Joe Classic BBQ Smoker is the perfect choice for those of you that are passionate about your slow-cooked meats. There’s nothing you can’t cook in it, from slow dishes to grilling and searing at scorching temperatures. It's a pretty big investment at £1,899 but if barbecuing is your hobby then it's worth it. 


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