Give your compact garden maximum impact and make the most out of the space with these top tips.

small patio garden - top tips for making a small garden look bigger - garden - 

Image: Dobbies

Is having a small garden, especially during the summer, enough to make you consider moving? Well improve, don't move, as the experts at the UK’s leading garden centre, Dobbies, have put together some clever tips and tricks to make the most of the space you have.

A clutter-free zone

large outdoor pots -  top tips for making a small garden look bigger - garden -

Image: Garden House Design 

Just because your garden is small, doesn’t mean everything in it has to be too. One very large pot will add more impact than lots of small ones because it will stop the space feeling cluttered. A bigger pot will also house more plants, so you can mix and match with flowers and herbs that complement each other and your overall colour scheme.

Colour it in

painting fence - top tips for making a small garden look bigger - garden -

Image: Pixabay

One of the most cost-effective ways to instantly transform a space is to paint the fence. Neutral colours like whites or creams will lift a dull area and create a sense of space. Perfect for shady gardens, plants and flowers will pop against a white backdrop. If you have a south-facing plot, avoid using bright white shades as it will be blinding.

If you want your outdoor space to be somewhere in your home you can have a little more fun and experiment with colour, a small garden doesn’t mean you can’t do this, but stick to a colour theme to avoid it looking busy. Bright colours will give an invigorating, party feel.

Seeing double

mirror in garden - top tips for making a small garden look bigger - garden -

Image: The French Bedroom Company

Hang garden mirrors to create the illusion of space, they are a great way to create a focal point and make the overall space feel bigger. Use one large mirror against a backwall or fence, or place smaller mirrors in clever spots, such behind a flower bed - the mirror image tricks the mind into thinking that there is more of the garden to see, effectively doubling the amount of blooms on display! 

Grow up

hanging baskets - top tips for making a small garden look bigger - garden -

Image: Pixabay

Making use of vertical space is the best way to expand a small garden and add another dimension and layer of interest. Save on ground space by planting up. If you want to fill gardens with colour without cluttering up patios or decking, hanging baskets are the perfect solution. Match your plants colour theme for a display with impact and place them near the house by the backdoor or use multiple baskets and place along the side of fences. 

Space-saving trees

space saving tree -  top tips for making a small garden look bigger - garden -

Small trees are perfect for tight spaces and they can help to create privacy if your garden is overlooked. One of the best space-saving trees is an Espalier fruit tree. Planted flat against a wall or fence, they not only look stylish and produce delicious fruit, but are also easy to maintain once planned. You will be rewarded with blossom in spring, followed by tasty fruit from August to October.   


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