Take a look at some classic ideas and the latest products that are perfect for giving the garden in your rented home a makeover. 

Dura  composites deck tiles after - garden - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Dura Composites

If you live in a rented house, you may already have an understanding with your landlord about what can and cannot be done to change the look of the property. But this often is only talked about in regards to the interiors, and rented gardens can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. 

To make the most of your outside space this summer, why not try to give your space a makeover using temporary ideas that can reverted when you leave, and that you can also choose to move with you if you do decide to re-locate?

Create a container garden 

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Image: Modern Container Garden by Isabelle Palmer (£16, Hardie Grant)

If you want to bring your garden to life with plants, but don't like the idea of simply creating a beautiful space that a future tenant, rather than yourself, will get to make the most of, focus on gardening in pots and containers. Not only does this mean you can take plants you've invested in with you, but it's actually an on-trend look. 

Focus on plants that thrive in pots year round - acer trees are great to bring colour, while herbs, fruits, vegetables and ornamental grasses all do suprisingly well in containers. 

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Choose easy-lay decking 

Dura composites deck tile - garden - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Dura Composites Deck Tile in Pebble Grey 

Grim, grimy flooring can be a real turn-off for outdoor spaces, and something that's not easy to remedy when you're a tenant. Why not try this easy idea from Dura Composites for easy lay decking tiles which don't need complicated structures installed, can be placed over existing flooring and can be easily removed and relocated if you come to move homes. Available via the Dura Composites website and from Amazon

Create a lighting scheme 

buddy monkey Outdoor Light - garden - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Marcel swinging monkey light, suitable for outdoor use, Dowsing & Reynolds

Outdoor lighting instantaneously makes a garden space feel more connected to your home, and also means you can enjoy it at nighttime. While you may not be askign an electrician to supply power outdoors, solar powered lighting or battery powered fairy lights can have the same effect with none of the upheaval. 

Think about using uplighters and downlighters to highlight areas in your garden so that you can also enjoy it from inside your home. 

Accessorise your space 

outdoor space with firepit - goodhomesmagazine.com - garden

Image: Large firepit, Ella James 

There are plenty of accessories you can add to a garden that are small enough to take with you to your next home. Outdoor rugs are a big trend this year, as are fire pits, barbecues and pizza ovens. Furiture that can be built and dismantled is perfect for renters who want to move their garden seating from home to home. 

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Add your own storage 

garden store for tools - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Forest Garden pressure treated pent garden store, Cuckooland 

Garden clutter will kill your enjoyment of your outdoor space instantly. If you invest in small storage, or buid it yourself, consider making it with bolts rather than screws and nails, which will make it easier to dismantle if you wish to later down the line. 

Temporary trellises

garden trellis close up - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Pixabay 

If you opt for climbing plants, don't just grow up your fences. Grow up separate trellis, and keep it pruned off of fitted structures so that you can rehome your plants if you move homes. 

Holding water 

standard barrel water butt 210 litres great green systems

Image: 210L water butt, £49.99, Great Green Systems

Watering your garden to keep it looking fresh and healthy can be a big challenge if your landlord hasn't fitted an outdoor tap for a hose. If that's the cae, consider investing in a water butt, which will trap and store rainwater which you can use to water your garden with ease. 


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