Looking to grow your own in your garden this season? Plant these fruit and vegetables now for fast summer crops. 

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Even if you're only just joining the grow-your-own bandwagon, there's still time to plant fruits and vegetables in your garden this season and be serving homegrown produce on your table this summer. 

If you're looking to embrace the Good Life during lockdown, we asked Evergreen Garden Care for the best, fast-growing crops to sow in the next couple of months.

All you'll need to get started is somewhere to plant your vegetables, whether that be pots, a raised bed, or a vegetable patch, the seeds or seedlings, your garden equipment and something to help them grow such as performance compost or planters. 


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Radishes can be sown fortnightly from March to June to ensure you have a continuous crop for summer salads. Harvest from just 3-4 weeks after sowing - the speediest grow on our list.

French beans

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Sow French beans outdoors once the soil has warmed up. Usually this is from May towards the end of June. After sowing you can harvest in 8-12 weeks. 


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Peas can be sown anytime from March to June. Harvest after 8-12 weeks.

Courgettes and marrows 

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Sow outdoors from now until the end of June. If you're growing in small areas and containers, opt for smaller, bushy varities. You'll be able to harvest your courgettes from 10-14 weeks from sowing.


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Strawberries are best planted in hanging baskets, containers or in the ground in early spring (so now!) to harvest in June and July. They should be ready 12-18 weeks from planting. 


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Raspberriesneed to be planted soon and are best grown in raised beds (but will also grow in containers). Ready to enjoy in 12-18 weeks and these delicious berries will regrow year on year!

Runner beans 

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Sow runner beans outdoors once the soil has warmed up and you'll be able to harvest in 12-14 weeks.

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