Make the most out of your outdoor space by turning it into a fun and inviting area using planters, furniture and these clever design ideas.

yellow bistro set on balcony - how to style a balcony area - garden - 

Image: Dobbies

Now more than ever, having an outdoor space is a blessing, no matter the size.

You may not have a garden, but if you do have a balcony, this can be warm and inviting space that can lift your mood and offer a place to relax to get that much needed dose of vitamin D.

Extend your indoor space

tiled balcony area  - how to style a balcony area - garden - 

Image: Original Style

Utilise your balcony as an extension of your indoor space. Take inspiration from Original Style and carry your flooring through to your balcony for a cohesive look. If you own the building and are able to make exterior changes, this floor-to-ceiling Crittall-style partition opens up the entire space to make it feel bigger and more open. 

Warm it up

large balcony area with chimnea -  how to style a balcony area - garden -

Image: Ivyline

Are you not getting as much use out of your balcony as you would like? It may be because the weather becomes too chilly in the evening, forcing you back indoors. Solve this problem by investing in a chimnea or a small and contained firepit which will bring a gorgeous ambience to your outdoor space as well as keeping you warm and cosy. If you own or rent within a larger building, make sure to check whether this is permitted in your home's documents, as it could invalidate your insurance if you use a firepit, barbecue or chimnea if not. 

Create a plant screen

plants on balcony -  how to style a balcony area - garden -

Image: Nest

If your balcony is overlooked, consider creating a visual barrier using plants. Pick up a variety of tall, voluminous and hanging plants instead of unsightly, difficult-to-install fence panels. Get it sorted now with our guide to where you can still buy plants online during lockdown

Foldable furniture

yellow bistro set on balcony -  how to style a balcony area - garden - 

Image: Dobbies

Balconies don't offer an abundance of space so choosing foldable furniture is something worth considering. Bistro-style garden sets are a great option for balconies – you can make them more comfortable by adding a stylish seat pad and they can easily be stored away in the wintertime.


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