Has Storm Ciara caused damage to your garden fence? Here are some simple steps you can follow to repair it.

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Image: John Lewis & Partners

It's been a blustery week thanks to Storm Ciara, and in the current weather conditions, it won't be surprising if your fence has taken the brunt. If your fence is damaged or, even worse, has collapsed, Wickes has shared its top tips for helping repair it. 

1. Remove the damaged post

Move panels aside and begin digging out the damaged post. Use a builder’s spade to dig around the existing post and its concrete plug. Remove the damaged post and use your tape measure to check the depth of your hole. The depth of your hole should be determined by the height of your post above ground, divided by three.

2. Lay down new plum lines

 Before putting in the new post you need to lay down two plum lines in order to ensure your new post is set to the correct height and in line with the rest of your fence. To set the first line in place fix a piece of string close to the ground and to the front of your posts, stretching across the gap where your new post will go.

3. Put the new post in place

With these guides sorted, put the new post in place. Check with the top line that your height is correct. If it’s not at the same height as the other posts, you will need to dig or fill your hole as needed until the post sits at the same height. Next using the second plum line check the post is correctly aligned, remembering to use your spirit level or post level to ensure the post is standing up straight in the centre of the hole. 

4. Add support

Once you are happy with the new posts positioning you will need to attach three supports to it, so that it will stand upright without your assistance. Using three lengths of timber angled outwards towards the ground. Treat all cut timber and drill holes with two coats of preservative. 

5. Paint and protect

Finally, apply a paint or wood stain to add a splash of colour and further protect the timber. These come in a variety of colours so be sure to look at the range.


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