Bathrooms are a uniquely personal space. Finishing touches are a great way to add individuality says accessories specialist, Croydex.

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If you’re ready to think big when it comes to bathroom style, take time to choose accessories that enhance your space for a cost-effective yet sophisticated, top-end finish.

As it celebrates 100 years of pioneering, practical and easy to use products, Croydex shares some of its top tips for no mess, no fuss bathroom makeovers.

Look good with a mirror or mirrored cabinet

Adopt traditional interior design tricks to create the illusion of space but choose wisely for maximum impact. Well-placed mirrors reflect light onto surfaces and make rooms seem brighter and larger whilst also providing a fabulous feature piece. 

Bigger bathrooms can benefit from larger styles. Why not select a luxurious illuminated design for a bold, bright statement? 

If your bathroom is compact, a mirrored cabinet is ideal and combines the best of both worlds by keeping clutter out of sight. From classic to contemporary, there are a huge range of designs available with some also incorporating decorative LED lighting bars and integrated shaver sockets for further functionality.

Consider ease of installation and look for innovations that avoid the awkwardness of having to struggle to measure distances and mark screw holes in one hand whilst supporting a heavy bathroom item in the other. 

Keep it clean with clutter-busting storage accessories

Look for storage that makes the most of otherwise wasted areas, such as corners or the gap between a basin and a toilet as well as the backs of doors. Sturdy yet attractive accessories that hook over the bathroom door or shower rail offer quick and easy fixes for storing towels, bathrobes and toiletries whilst storage bath panels keep cleaning materials safely out of sight.

Don’t forget that high levels of humidity often take their toll on traditional wire ware, so specially-coated in-shower storage that simply needs a wipe over with a dry cloth to keep it looking good is a great addition to enhance any bathroom. 

We all aspire to a tidy, organised sink area. A soap dispenser can be filled up with environmentally-friendly refillable products and is perfect for teaching young children the importance of washing their hands. For a touch of sophistication, soap dishes are ideal for those who prefer a more classic look.

Matching your soap dispensers and dishes, toilet roll and brush holders, as well as towel rails and rings, is great way to add elegance and style to your bathroom with coordinating accessories. 

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Shower your space with love

Whether stand-alone or over the bath, showers are an everyday essential that can also help you save water and money.

Modern and minimalist, an overhead shower can be tempting for those of us who enjoy feeling pampered with relaxing rain spray technology. For a quick shower that packs a powerful punch, a practical head or handset is the ideal choice. 

If you have to choose between the two, go with your instinct but always watch out for the Water Label which rates products by the number of litres per minute they use.  

Shower curtain or shower screen?

This million dollar question comes down to one thing: Are you ready for commitment or not?!

Clear and simple, a shower screen is a permanent fixture that fits any bathroom style whilst a shower curtain can be mixed and matched depending on your mood. 

A screen provides a durable solution to keeping water in the shower rather than on the floor but to keep it looking good, needs cleaning after each use.

Weighted-hem shower curtains overcome the ‘cling factor’ and, when used with a curtain clip, keep water where you want it. Coordinate with matching bath mat and other accessories to draw the room together and wash regularly to keep clean and fresh. For added peace of mind, choose a design with an anti-microbial treatment that helps reduce or prevent the growth of germs to keep them fresher, safer and more hygienic than similar untreated products.

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Image: Croydex

Croydex believes everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful bathroom. Contact us to find out how we can help you add stress-free style to this most personal of spaces. Visit Croydex online, call 01264 365881 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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