A must-have buy was the starting point for Eleanor Grant's dated bathroom revamp.

Basin inspired bathroom revamp 1

Dreading the upheaval and mess they knew a bathroom makeover would create, Eleanor Grant and her husband Allan put off the inevitable for some time, even though the room was unbearable to use in winter because it was so cold. Three years after moving in, they decided to replace the dated suite, install heating and do something about the series of pipes running down two walls, as well as tackle an unusual accessory – a drip-tray positioned underneath the cistern to collect water caused by condensation in winter. ‘At first, I hadn’t a clue what it was for and promptly removed it,’ Eleanor explains. ‘I soon found out why and put it straight back.

With the fixtures starting to rust, two layers of tiles on the walls, the shower positioned awkwardly in the centre of the bath and the only storage being a tiny, mirrored wall-cabinet, their bathroom was in desperate need of renovation. ‘Fortunately, we already had two en suites upstairs, so urgency wasn’t a factor for us.

Basin inspired bathroom revamp 2

Eleanor arranged all the tradesmen herself and sourced a great joiner, who also became the project manager. He suggested concealing the cistern and provided her with a list of measurements and plumbing requirements so she could source the products herself. ‘As soon as I saw the basin unit I knew I had to have it,’ she says, ‘I loved the square shape and drawers that open and close with barely a touch. I still find it hard to believe the amount of storage it provides.

Having settled on a colour theme, the hardest decision was choosing the tiles. ‘I spent the best part of a week wandering around showrooms,’ she recalls. ‘Then I saw these matt-finish porcelain designs in grey paired with the darker striped-effect – just what I was looking for.’ Allan was worried they would be too dark in the small space, but they actually work beautifully with the white, glossy ceiling panels and silver edging.

Basin inspired bathroom revamp 4

Before makeover


As a writer, Eleanor loves quotations and originally considered having a few etched on to tiles. This proved too diffcult, so she had them inscribed on the bottom of the window blind. ‘The hard part was choosing the words,’ she says, ‘In the end, I settled on lyrics from a Sixties folk song called, appropriately, The Water Song.

The couple also added an extractor fan, bath shower and linear accessories to create a modern space. ‘We now have the beautiful bathroom I waited so long for,’ says Eleanor. ‘I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Basin inspired bathroom revamp 3

Photography: Douglas Gibb


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