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Bathrooms can be an expensive project to renovate, but if you need a quick, affordable fix for your space, try these wallet-friendly decorating ideas. 

Essentials Mehndi Dark Vinyl Flooring In Bathroom

Image: Mehndi Dark vinyl flooring, Lifestyle Floors

In the average home, the bathroom takes the brunt of busy family life – and if yours has seen better days, you may be saving pennies for a renovation of your bathroom space. 

However, bathrooms can be one of the more expensive projects to take on in your home, as materials and fixings for this space are pricy and plumbing expertise is required to make sure your design is watertight.

But if you're a way off affording your dream bathroom space, don't fret - there are plenty of easy ideas and low-cost products to make over your bathroom in the meantime. These are some of our favourite. 

Opt for sheet wall-coverings 

Showerwall Bianco Carrara Bathroom Image

Image: Showerwall 

Tiling is probably the most common choice for a bathroom, but unless you're skilled at the art, it's something you'll definitely have to get a professional in for. 

However, take inspiration from luxury bathroom designs which often feature large scale panels of materials, such as marble and natural stone, for a look that's easy (so more budget-friendly) to install. This Bianco Carrara panel from Showerwall even looks like luxurious marble, but is priced at just £137 for a large 60 x 244cm sheet from Victoria Plum. 

Pick affordable vinyl flooring

Carpetright Mardi Gras Vinyl Flooring Gemeotric Bathroom Budget

Image: Carpetright 

While you may love the look of geometric floor tiles, the expense of both buying them and having them laid can be a little off-putting. Carpetright's vinyl flooring costs from as little as £11.99 per square metre, including this super trendy Mardi Gras design, and it's quick and easy to lay while offering a durable, water-resistant finish. 

Or peel and stick vinyl tiles 

BQ Poprock Vinyl Tiles

Image: B&Q

B&Q's Poprock vinyl floor tiles are a wonderful idea for a quick fix for ugly bathroom flooring. The tiles can simply be peeled and stuck to existing flooring, or a levelling underlay if you prefer, and are easy to remove later down the line - perfect if you're a renter looking to make non-permanent changes to your bathroom. Plus, they're just £11 per square metre. 

Focus on storage 

Ikea Vilto Bathroom Storage Range

Image: Ikea

Storage is a great investment for a bathroom – relatively low-cost but completely transformative! Ikea's Vilto range includes shelving for all the families toiletries, and also a ladder for hanging towels and accessories. 

Invest in accessories 

Jd Williams Home Bathroom Accessories

Image: JD Willams Home 

For a bathroom that feels a little unloved, adding in some on-trend accessories is an easy way to give your space an upgrade. We love these seagrass belly baskets from JD Williams Home for some flexible storage, and don't forget a bath mat. 

Get creative with paint 

Annie Sloan Bathroom Chalk Paint Ombre

Image: Annie Sloan 

Painting is a quick and easy makeover idea for any room that most homeowners can tackle themselves if needs be. Why not opt for something bold to give you bathroom a more exciting look - we also love the idea of painting an inherited cast iron bath to match your scheme too. 

If you are painting in the bathroom, best practice is to opt for a bathroom-suitable paint that's resistant to moisture and mould, or else you may find yourself having to re-paint rather quickly. 

Upgrade your shower 

Victoria Plum Bar Mode Shower Exposed Valve

Image: Victoria Plum 

If your shower is in desperate need of replacing, it might not be a job that needs the time and expense of a plumber. Showers with exposed valve bars often have the same dimensions across to make replacing them easier, plus the wall inlets are usually behind decorative caps that will hide small differences in size. 

That means that to install a more impressive shower set up, such as this Mode shower from Victoria Plum, you'd only have to do some simple DIY to install the riser bar to make your dream shower a reality! 


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