From auto-filling your bath to customising your daily shower, create your dream bathroom with SmarTap - a Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible smart home system

grey tiled bathroom with shower, bath and sink integrated smartap digital home system


Whether we like it or not, these days technology is all around us. Whether it’s instantly connecting with friends and family worldwide through the internet or performing the trickiest of reverse parking manoeuvres using the latest cameras and sensors, everything we own seems to be getting smarter.

In the home, smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod are big business, selling thousands of units, meaning the integrated smart home is no longer a vision of the future, but a reality of today.

One part of the home which has resisted technological change for a long time is the humble bathroom.

With the same basic design and layout that's served families well for generations, bathrooms have generally been untouched by modern tech - until now that is - with the plethora of smart bathroom innovations now available.

SmarTap is a revolutionary new smart showering system that can be used to customise and control every aspect of your bathroom experience.

With more advanced features than a simple digital shower, SmarTap allows you to use up to three different outlets simultaneously, including a bath filler, with sequences that can be easily programmed to suit you and your family’s needs.

We've rounded up the fantastic reasons why we want SmarTap in our own bathrooms. We reckon you'll be lusting after it too...

Your own personalised shower experience

closeup of smarTap digital smart tech home system in a bathroom

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Unlike most digital showers on the market, SmarTap allows you to programme and customise your favourite showering experience using an iOS or Android app on your phone or tablet.

You could choose a slightly colder shower for your post-gym cool down or set a maximum duration when you need to be up and out the door. What’s more, other members of your family can create and save their own personal programmes.

If you don’t want to use the app, the intuitive on-wall controls allow you to switch SmarTap on and off, regulate temperature and flow and switch between outlets.

Connect up to your Amazon Alexa

smarTap shower system control at sink in a bathroom exclusively available at victoria plum

Image: SmarTap at

Operating SmarTap can be as simple as saying “Alexa. Ask SmarTap to start my morning shower.”

SmarTap seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can even begin running your shower from the comfort of your bed, which is particularly useful in those cold, dark mornings in winter when getting up is a struggle.

Future proofs your bathroom

grey tiled bathroom with shower, bath and sink integrated smartap digital home system

Image: SmarTap at

Much like the operating system on your phone or laptop, SmarTap software constantly updates using OTA (over-the-air) technology, improving your experience and future-proofing your bathroom. 

Auto-fill your bath before you get home

smartap digital smart home system in a bathroom with metro tiles, a black roll top bath and standalone shower

Image: SmarTap at

Imagine your perfect bath, ready and waiting the moment you step through the door. With SmarTap, dreams really can come true... Simply use the app to set your ideal temperature and bath depth and leave SmarTap to do all the hard work for you.

Ah, bliss.

Look out for your loved ones

bathroom with black and white floor tiles and a skylight window - smartap home tech shower controls - control shower with SmarTap - bathroom - 

Image: SmarTap at

With SmarTap, you can keep a close eye on loved ones of all ages. Create safe showering or bathing programmes for younger children, without the need to constantly test and re-test water temperature, and check in on elderly relatives using the app, for added peace of mind.

It’s easy to install

smarTap controls in a shower in a white and wood bathroom - reasons to control your shower and bath with SmarTap - bathroom -

Image: SmarTap at

With a reassuring build quality, SmarTap contains brass internal components engineered by German company Flühs, a world leader in valve technology.

Wondering how easy it is to install? Well, we've got good news: it can be quickly and easily installed behind a wall, under your bath or in your loft - simple.

Once fitted, it can even be checked for issues using sensor technology. 


SmarTap is exclusively available from in the UK.


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