pandora sykes for trouva on a yellow sofa in The Restoration - Living Room -

Pandora Sykes on her Trouva edit and top interior styling tips

October 17, 2018

We chat to Pandora Sykes about her collaboration with Trouva, the online destination for stylish independent boutiques, and her love of unique homeware finds.

pandora sykes for trouva on a yellow sofa in The Restoration - Living Room -

Image: Pandora Sykes in The Restoration, a boutique available on Trouva

Online platform for independent boutiques, has partnered up with journalist and co-host of popular podcast The High Low, Pandora Sykes.

As part of the partnership, Pandora has revealed a series of exclusive interviews with Trouva’s most inspirational boutique owners exploring their individuality and what life is really like for independents on the high street in 2018.

One of the interviews is set in the playful and colourful boutique W.A Green, nestled in the heart of Shoreditch. Pandora and boutique owner Zoe Anderson discuss the current interiors obsession with maximalism, the tricky task of giving special gifts, and the emerging brands W.A.Green stock which you just won’t find anywhere else.

With a love of collectables and one of a kind products, Pandora has curated her personal Trouva edit, unveiling her product picks from the thousands of distinctive pieces available on the website. Featuring quirky ornaments from Kitsch Kitchen and LRNCE’s handmade ceramics, we want it all.

Pandora Sykes explains:

‘I’ve been watching Trouva’s stratospheric trajectory for a while now and applaud the way they bolster small boutiques that might otherwise fail to strive in this climate. Not only that, they provide a sea of unique products, curated from over 450 boutiques, so cut through the chaff of the internet.

We’ve come to think of the high street as something that means mass-market retail chains – many of which are ailing – but Trouva has revitalised and revolutionised the idea of the localised high street. The Trouva boutiques offer an alternative to the sometimes identikit offering of the high street, where every product tells a story.’

We sat down with Pandora to get her insights into her go-to independent brands, top picks from the edit and what she thinks makes a house a home. 

Can you tell us a bit about the independent brands that made the edit?

pandora sykes with spud macbain and sophie jones trouva boutique owners who sell stylish homeware - Living Room-

Image: Spud MacBain and Sophie Jones, owners of The Restoration, a boutique available on Trouva

‘The edit is made up of a range of beautiful and bespoke products sourced from over 450 of Trouva’s best one-of-a-kind boutiques. My favourite independent brands that you’ll find include:

Group Partner for its fun, witty and affordable homeware. I also love Fredde Lanka’s witty vase and Seletti’s plates, as they are really creative.

I really like what Madam Stoltz are doing with velvet, we’ve seen so much velvet yet the brand always manages to create something completely different and unique.

Slowdown Studio’s throws are brilliant, because you can use them either on your bed or as a wall hanging, which is a great idea. I also love Dybdahl – I’ve got a lot of their prints in my own home.’

Tell us why Trouva is your go-to for interior finds?

‘I buy a lot of second hand and vintage furniture so often I’m just looking for items to finish a room off or add a flourish, Trouva’s curating does the hard work for you.

Trouva gives shoppers the chance access to unique products from the best boutiques in UK and Berlin, at the click of a button. It’s really full of hidden homeware treasures.

It cuts through the wealth of stuff on the Internet and is at a really good price point, which means you can add finishing touches without breaking the bank.’

If you had to pick your top 3 pieces from the edit what would they be and why?

pandora sykes in a room with the lighting collection available on Trouva - Living Room -

Image: Pandora in W.A Green

Fredde Lanka Red Double Top Knot Vase for a living-room statement piece. I love how quirky and unusual the design is.

A Preen Home cushion, because I think they’re so luxurious.

Dybdahl Seaforthia Elegans Print as I love filling my walls with prints and colour.’

How would you describe your home style?

‘Decorative, but not cluttered. I also love colour, but not too many different colours in one room – that’s when I think using texture and different shades wisely is key.’

Has working in fashion and travelling influenced the way you decorate your home?

pandora sykes for trouva sitting on a rattan chair and surrounded by homeware in WA Green in Shoreditch - Living Room -

Image: Pandora Sykes in W.A Green, a boutique available on Trouva

‘I don’t know if working in fashion impacts my interiors taste, but I think it probably all comes from the same place. I appreciate and enjoy certain things that are a bit different or from somewhere that isn’t immediately obvious – things that are witty without ever being over the top or gimmicky.

I like to buy trinkets when I travel. I have just been to Amalfi and I bought some little vases that are shaped like the King and Queen heads, so I do pick up things when I travel. I try really hard to not buy novelty things, which is something I definitely used to do.’

Which key interior trends should we be looking out for in 2019?

‘I don’t think you should shop according to trends, but my predictions are that corduroy is the new velvet. I’m also backing blue and orange as the new pink and green, because I’m suddenly obsessed with orange!

I think portraits of old people are going to be the new ‘line drawings’ too. We’re seeing a real phase of artists doing lots of naked women and I think that the old ‘fuddy-duddies’ are coming back. I quite enjoy seeing them in a modern setting, having a dark green wall with an oil painting of an ancient man for example.’

What trend or theme can, or should we, say goodbye to?

Quirky homeware in W.A Green boutique in Shoreditch - Living Room -

Image: W.A Green boutique in Shoreditch

‘Scandinavian, I’m bored of clean lines – things that aren’t so strict and flat.’

Have you got any Christmas decorating tips to share with us?

‘I like buying massive glass jeroboams from vintage sales and then putting Lamb’s Ear leaves and red berries in them. Instead of buying wild flowers, I’d buy loads of red berries and put them in vases. You also can’t go wrong with fairy lights and bit of tinsel, but if you have a cat – beware.’

Which Trouva pieces will you be decorating your home with for Christmas?

‘The Madam Stoltz Dusty Rose Velvetta Table Lamp is the ultimate finishing touch for a cosy Christmas. For Christmas feasts, the Nordal Brass Cutlery Set adds a luxe-festive note.’

What makes a house a home?

‘Not buying everything from the same place and all in one go is my go-to advice. Take time and make sure you’re buying something you love – I never buy anything for the sake of filling the space. I used to be a bit more impatient whereas now I do a lot more research so everything has a lot more meaning.’

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