See our top picks from Maisons du Monde's new AW19 decor collection.

Maisons du Monde is set to launch its new Autumn-Winter 2019 decor collection which promises a variety of unique pieces; from statement lighting and elegant vases, to stylish pillows and pretty plates. The new decor collection will revolve around 6 key trends, with the first two trends, Azuki and In The Woods, launching 31st July 2019. The rest of the trends will be revealed throughout August and September, so stay tuned.

The entire collection aims to embody the latest colours and patterns in interior design, which Maisons du Monde's designers discovered while travelling around the world. So, if you're as intrigued as we are, take a sneak peek at our top picks from the first two trends of the AW19 decor collection.

Trend 1: Azuki

Maisons Du Monde Azuki Decor Collection AW19

Image: Maisons du Monde

The decor pieces that fit into the Azuki trend are focused around the philosophy and aesthetics of Japan. The word Azuki relates to the Japanese red bean which is the key colour for this trend, as well as soothing greens, greys and chic black shades. It's all about celebrating natural materials, minimalist design and Asian motifs and combining that with Scandi influences.

Red Patterned Ceramic Vase

Red Patterned Ceramic Vase Maisons Du Monde Azuki Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

This red ceramic vase stays true to the key colour of this decor trend and makes a great statement piece for your shelf or end table, £15.50.

Artificial White Japanese Cherry Blossom

Artificial White Cherry Blossom Maisons Du Monde Azuki Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

What better to pair that striking ceramic vase with than a branch or two of this elegant artificial White Japanese Cherry Blossom, £9.

Black Bamboo and Glass Lantern

Black Bamboo Glass Lantern Maisons Du Monde Azuki Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

If you want to nail the authentic, Asian motif, this black bamboo lantern is a must. Pop in a large candle with a calming scent and relax, £44.

White Dinner Plate with Floral Print

White Floral Plate Maisons Du Monde Azuki Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

Impress your dinner guests with these floral plates that are reminiscent of traditional Japanese paintings, £8.

Trend 2: In The Woods

In The Woods Maisons Du Monde AW19 Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

This versatile trend is all about creating a cosy indoor space to enjoy your winter indulgences in. The rich brown and soothing beige tones, along with natural materials and smooth wood textures, bring the outside in and provide that cosy log cabin vibe we all crave in the colder months.

Carved Mango Wood Lamp with Beige Shade

Wood Carved Lamp Maisons Du Monde In The Woods Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

This unique carved wood lamp screams log cabin and is perfect for lighting up those dark winter mornings and nights, £77.

White and Beige Carved Mango Wood Vase

Wood Carved Vase Maisons Du Monde In The Woods Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

Also made of mango wood is this carved vase. This warming wood decor piece will create a relaxed environment in any living room or at any dinner table, £44.

Ecru Cotton Cushion Cover with Rectangle Print

Cotton Cushion Cover Maisons Du Monde In The Woods Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

The only way to truly achieve the Danish art of hygge is by surrounding yourself with soft furnishings like these Ecru cotton cushion covers, £22.

Acacia Cheeseboard with Steel Knife

Bear Cheese Board Maisons Du Monde In The Woods Decor Collection

Image: Maisons du Monde

Nothing says winter like a cheese board, and I'm sure someone won't be able to resist telling the classic camembert joke at the sight of this festive bear-shaped cheese board, £25.50.


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