Artificial plants are a great option if you're not naturally green fingered. Here are a few of our favourite faux designs.

cocktail trolley with plants - 5 of the best artificial houseplants - shopping -

Image: Audenza

Plants are a staple in many interior-lover's homes nowadays, but keeping them all alive requires a lot of TLC.

If you haven't got the time or attention to be a good plant parent, why not opt for artificial designs instead? There are plenty of excellent ones on the market that look just like the real thing. 

Faux Monstera houseplant, £19.95, Melody Maison

faux monstera plant - 5 of the best artificial plants - shopping -

Image: Melody Maison

One of the most on-trend species of plant is the Monstera, more commonly known as a cheese plant. This gorgeous artificial design from Melody Maison is a great size and would look lovely housed in a basket or ceramic pot.

Berspalm faux plant, £39.99, Dowsing & Reynolds

faux plant on mantel - 5 of the best artificial houseplants - shopping -

Image: Dowsing & Reynolds

Palm plants look beautiful in bathrooms, bringing a touch of botanical tranquillity to your sanctuary. But the extremes of temperature and humidity can make keeping them healthy quite tricky. This faux Bergspalm, however, will look fantastic for years to come. 

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Faux pink Medinilla plant, £68, Audenza

faux plant with pink flower - 5 of the best artificial houseplants - shopping -

Image: Audenza

For a houseplant that adds a dose of colour as well as greenery, this pink Medinilla plant is great find! 

Faux potted succulent, £50, Cox & Cox 

potted succulent - 5 of the best artificial houseplants - shopping -

Image: Cox & Cox 

Succulents are hugely popular and have been for quite a while. Even though they could be considered easier to look after, succulents can sometimes shrink and become less attractive over time. This faux potted design from Cox & Cox is beautiful and looks just like the real thing.

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Artificial string of pearls, £19.99, Trouva

string of pearls - 5 of the best artificial houseplants - shopping -

Image: Trouva

String of pearls are a beautiful plant to have hanging your home, however they are known for being quite a pain to look after.

This artificial string of pearls comes in a concrete-effect pot and would look great hanging above any living space. Remember to dust it down once a week to stop it looking dull.  


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