Voile curtains and surge tracks are making waves, creating a relaxed, rippled effect that’s perfect for the warmer seasons

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Voiles and sheer curtains

As the summer months approach us, look to sheer curtains for welcoming sunshine and warm breezes inside your home. Though subtle, these fabrics are sure to make a real style statement, creating an elegant yet laid back display.

It’s a common assumption that voiles are dated, but it’s time to cast aside visions of net curtains and instead consider the beauty of shimmering silks and light linens, elevated by delicate prints, embroidery and foiling in shades of silver, copper and rose gold. These details bring added dimension to your curtains, creating a look that’s anything but old fashioned.

Sheer fabrics offer an element of privacy without blocking sunlight or fresh air, making the most of the warm weather. They also perform well when it comes to unwanted guests, preventing insects from entering your home.

Of course, if your space requires additional light control and thermal efficiency, your barely-there curtains can be layered with additional curtains for further protection. They can also be placed in front of roller blinds for added volume and style.

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Surge curtain tracks

For a relaxed look and flowing curtain, hand your sheer voiles with a surge track. This will help arrange the fabric in a neat uniform manner whilst retaining its softness, enhancing the feeling of fluidity.

The wave effect is achieved with a surge curtain track and corresponding heading tape, which manipulates the fabric into even gaps and curves. Ideal for large expanses of glass, including bay windows and bi-folding doors, the surge track is a modern alternative to pinch pleat and pencil pleat headings.

A cleverly designed glider cord sits inside the surge track, restricting the extension of the fabric beyond its 6-centimetre increments. This retains a consistent wave effect when the curtains are closed, while the fabric folds and stacks neatly when pulled open.

The surge track by Blinds Direct is slim and inconspicuous, drawing no attention away from the fabric. It is available in two colourways of silver and white. For optimum style, your surge track should be installed as close to the ceiling as possible and your curtain fabric should fall to the floor, creating a feeling of infinite style whilst giving the illusion of extra height to both your glazing and ceiling.

While a surge track lends perfectly to lightweight curtains that drape naturally, including sheer fabrics and silk, it can also be utilised with heavier curtain fabrics for a more traditional and cosy look.

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Get the look

Sheer curtains and surge tracks work with a variety of interior styles. From the ever-popular Scandinavian trend, which favours the use of light fabrics to ensure maximum sunlight, to the glamour and poise of a resurgent Twenties style, these sleek rippled curtains will fit in. There is also a place for wave-inspired curtains in more classic decor choices, particularly when layered with additional window dressings for a cosier feeling.

Achieve the look with a sheer curtain or voile, unlined, formed into a wave pleat by a surge curtain track.

Voiles Sheer Curtains Blinds Direct Goodhomesmagazine

Image: Blinds Direct 

Contact the team at Blinds Direct for further information on voiles and surge tracks.

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