Maisons du Monde's SS19 Paper Shop trend has just dropped and we've got a sneak peek

Maisons du Monde's SS19 paper shop trend showcased in living room

Image: Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde gave us an exclusive preview of their SS19 Paper Shop trend - a collection that perfectly captures the beauty and peace of the spring countryside with sun-drenched linens and natural materials complementing soft greens, beiges and mustard tones, and we can't get enough.

We've rounded up our top shopping picks from the look. 

Retro two-seater yellow sofa

Maisons du Monde SS19 Paper Shop trend showcased in living room with yellow sofa

Image: Maisons du Monde

Indoor plants and earthy green cushions complement this mustard yellow Timeo sofa, £400.50, to complete a look that embraces the transition from the soft light in spring to the sun-soaked warmth of summer days. 

Exotic floral cushions and and geometric rugs

Maisons du Monde's SS19 Paper Shop trend showcased in bedroom with grey bedding and yellow cushions scattered across the bed

Image: Maisons du Monde 

Rejuvenate your bedroom with pops of colour in the form of exotic floral cushions or geometric rugs. Introduce natural textures like rattan, macramé, jute and cotton so you're ready for relaxation and daydreams.

Mix and match monochrome and sunshine yellow crockery

Maisons du Monde SS19 Paper Shop trend with monochrome and yellow crockery

Image: Maisons du Monde 

Get ready for al fresco lunch dates this summer, with Maisons du Monde's stunning mix and match monochrome plates and white and yellow earthenware cup, £4.31. Team with a sunshine yellow blanket in a dainty floral or aztec print - perfect for picnics in the park and capturing the beauty of nature in the warmer seasons.

Indoor plants

Maisons du Monde SS19 Paper Shop trend featuring indoor plants in green vases

Image: Maisons du Monde  

Bring the outside in with Maisons du Monde's stunning selection of indoor plants in earthy plant pots and flowers placed in a range of stunning vases to create a zen space.

Stylish rustic kitchen utensils 

Green kitchen with wooden storage shelves maisons-du-monde-living-room-goodhomesmagazine,com

Image: Maisons du Monde  

Create a modern country-feel in your kitchen by choosing stylish rustic kitchen appliances and utensils. Opt for cream ceramic biscuit tins and sugar jars, and this gorgeous white Earthenware bowl, £5.99.

Woven baskets 

Woven storage baskets filled with plants maisons-du

Image: Maisons du Monde 

Display your favourite indoor plants with pride in bomboo or wicker woven baskets.Scatter them around your living area to create a natural, calming and serene environment.


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