We chat to interior designer Abigail Ahern to learn more about her new Hillarys collection, her top interior design tips and how she's decorating her Christmas table.

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Having just launched a brand new collection of blinds and curtains for Hillarys, interior designer Abigail Ahern talks us through her extraordinary home range, how she'll be dressing her table for Christmas and her 2019 trend predictions.

Talk us through your key looks in the collection

Abigail Ahern Hillarys Collection Curtains Living Room

Image: Hillarys

'Edgy, glamorous, masculine, tactile: I wanted to create a collection that felt timeless with a dash of heritage thrown in that would literally transform windows. I think windows are one of those neglected details but the minute you start embellishing them with beautiful fabrics it’s a game changer.'

Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

'I get inspiration from so many places, travelling plays a big part. I’m lucky in that I get to travel to some of the most incredible cities like Hong Kong, NYC, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney quite regularly and they always inspire me.'

What’s your favourite design from the collection?

'Harkness Gasoline, I literally want a coat made out of this fabric I am so obsessed with it and I’m putting it on so many of my windows. I love it!'

What special details make the range a little different?

Fringing Details Abigail Ahern Hillarys Collection

Image: Hillarys 

'So many details make this collection special. First of all the fabrics are so incredibly tactile therefore bringing such softness and cosiness to a room – everything feels tantalisingly tactile which instantly ups the style ratings.

Also with the blinds we’ve taken them to new levels with a collection of incredible trims that you can embellish them with, from beautiful saffron yellows to pinks and blacks. Lastly we’ve introduced coloured linings on curtains which is a real game changer so now your curtains will look as beautiful outside as they do in!'

You are renowned for your bold approach to decor. What top tips would you recommend to decorating novices who are unsure of making a statement in their home?

'I think everyone should make a statement in their home as statements make you want to linger longer, they tantalise and intrigue. The easiest way to start is through texture and pattern because both these elements add instant pizazz. Think of them like a herb or spice, they literally elevate! So start with cushions and they slowly build up from adding colour to your walls, pattern to your curtains, there is so much you can do.'

Which key trends should we be looking out for in 2019?

'I find trends really difficult in interiors as I don’t think we should be trend led when it comes to choosing things for our home. I think we should choose from the heart, buy things we love and keep them forever!'

What trend or theme can or should we say goodbye to?

'I never follow trends, I ignore colour of the year, fabric of the year, what’s hot like the whole copper/blush combo (which I personally hate) which so many people champion, I tend to avoid and not get caught up in it. Having said that if you love something that is on trend, buy into it and don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. I never do. Just follow your heart.'

What key interiors pieces are you lusting after for the coming season?

Abigail Ahern Textiles Cushions Fabrics Hillarys Collection

Image: Assorted cushions with fringing, Hillarys 

'Curtains obviously! My whole pad is about to be transformed with them, chandeliers (I am chandelier obsessed) and textiles. Textiles add such cosiness to a room!'

Have you any top Christmas decorating tips to share with us?

'I am pretty relaxed when it comes to Christmas and decorating, if you work in retail you talk about Christmas 10 months out of 12 so by the time it arrives I go into low key mode. I put real little trees everywhere, drape white lights all over them, have zillions of tealights everywhere and scent the room with intoxicating fragrance and that is about it.'

What way will you be dressing your table this festive season?

'I will be dressing the table with a lot of our faux botanicals like mossy branches, and deep fat headed peonies in beautiful glass vessels with lots of tealights!'

The Abigail Ahern X Hillarys is now available online, with prices starting from £26.


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