Give your old sofa a new lease of life by following these top styling tips.

grey fabric sofa - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room - 

Image: Collins & Hayes

Fed up of your current sofa but haven't quite got the budget to replace it? Take a look at our top tips for reinvigorating an old sofa and making it look as good as new. 

Add a different texture 

leopard throw on sofa - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room -

Image: The French Bedroom Company

Bringing in a different texture can immediately bring more interest to a dull sofa. Drape a faux fur rug or blanket over a sofa to make it feel ultra cosy and modern. It also adds an extra layer of comfort and will hide any unsightly marks or stains. 

Scatter cushions

brown leather sofa with beige cushions - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room -

Image: Dunelm

An easy and stylish way to transform an old sofa that doesn't inspire you anymore is to add bundles of scatter cushions. Choose designs in colours and patterns that you love – and because cushions aren't too expensive, you can swap them out season after season. 

Layer throws

throws and cushions on snug sofa - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room -

Image: Snug Sofa

If you're really no longer a fan of your sofa, draping a throw over it will create the illusion that your sofa is actually a totally different colour and fabric. Tuck it in the creases in your sofa to make it look as realistic as possible. Layering different types of throws is also a good idea to give your living room a cosy and inviting look. 

Invest in a footstool

cloud pouffe - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room -

Image: Loaf

Distract from your ugly sofa by investing in a super stylish footstool. Footstools are no way near as expensive as a brand new sofa but can trick your eye into looking at that rather than the dull sofa behind it. Choose a design that works for you, whether that's a bright colour in a velvet fabric or one that has built-in storage. 

Deep clean

carpet cleaner - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room - 

Image: Pixabay

You may still like your sofa and it may just need a freshen up. You wouldn't believe the different a steam cleaner can make. It will suck the dirt and grime out of your sofa, making the fabric look brand new! Keep up with cleaning your sofa by hoovering it reguarly and why not follow Mrs Hinch's top tip? Stuff tumble dryer sheets down the sides of your sofa to keep it smelling fresh and clean.


pink velvet sofa - 6 ways to reinvigorate a tired sofa - living room -

Image: DFS

If all else fails it might be time to reupholster your sofa! This is a great option for those of you that love the shape and quality of your current sofa but the fabric is looking tired and outdated. It also gives you the opportunity to tailor your sofa exactly to your taste and is a sustainable way of updating your living room décor. 


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