Planning a new room scheme can take time – so now's the perfect time to sit back and consider how you want your home to look and feel. 

pop art living room - how to plan for a living room revamp - living room -

Image: DFS

Were you set on revamping your living room before the UK was advised to stay indoors? Now is the perfect opportunity to spend a little extra time at home refining your design and getting a clear idea of how you want the finished scheme to look. 

Get inspired

Dive in headfirst into the world of interiors by immersing yourself in magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. Scout out all platforms and start to get an idea of what you want your new and improved living room to look like. Use hashtags to discover like-minded decorators – if you're wanting to create an industrial space for example, search for hashtags such as #industrialhome and you'll be spoilt for inspiration.  

Create a moodboard

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Image: Original Style

Don't underestimate the power of cutting and sticking! Even though you can create an online moodboard at a click, making a tangible moodboard is satisfying and allows you to involve the sense of touch and experience how different textures will work together in the space you're creating. Think about colours, fabrics, furniture and possible accessories.

Work out your budget 

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Image: John Lewis & Partners 

Take this time to meticulously work out your budget for your living room revamp. This can be a dull task, but will help you to be able to hunt down key pieces that you have your heart set on and working out where you want to prioritise spending your money. We suggest investing in furniture and choosing a great quality paint or wallpaper.

Temporarily move furniture

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Image: Abstract House

When you have a clear design and layout in your head try moving your current furniture to where you want your new furniture to go. Of course, you may be thinking of buying new pieces such as a sideboard or coffee table that you don't already have. But, reposition your sofas, side tables and TV in order to get an idea of how your new design will work for you and your family.


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