Written by Chanelle Moult

Transform your home with stunning sliding doors

Here’s why many contemporary homes are choosing large sliding and bi-fold doors to let the light flood in


kitchen with long central island and sliding patio doors

Discover how you can open up your home to the light with gorgeous sliding doors, windows and even roofing systems that will revolutionise your space.

Let more light in

table and chairs with large sliding doors out to patio

One of the main reasons people undertake a major renovation is to get more light into a home. You may have a dim dining room, or you just may not be making the most of your home’s aspect, with small doors and windows keeping the sunshine at bay.

Sliding doors are the perfect way to remedy that and to let natural light flood in. The benefits go beyond just brightening up your home, however. The latest doors such as those from Express could with the latest security features and multi-point locking, while the glazing options allow you to cut down on emissions, noise transference and more.

Bring the outside in

front exterior of house lit up at night

Both sliding and bi-folding doors are a wonderful way to create a natural blend between the interior and exterior of the house – a way of bringing the outside in and vice versa. You can make a dining room or kitchen much more dramatic by having it open out onto a patio or garden. There’s little better on a warm summer’s day than opening bi-fold doors up completely to let the light and sunshine in.

There’s versatility here too. As Express take a bespoke approach and make all its doors and windows to measure in Yorkshire, you can choose something for even the trickiest of spaces. Make the most of a bedroom and balcony, perhaps, by creating a transition with sliding or bi-folding doors.

Fuss-free frames

view from outside patio into open plan living space

There’s no resting on laurels in the world of windows and Express, a family-owned and run business, has been improving its range by making aluminium frames slimmer without sacrificing strength.

The smaller profile of the frames means more glass, thus more light and better sightlines for you. That way you can enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden, while safe in the knowledge that you have state-of-the-art products in terms of sound-proofing and thermal performance.

To see wonderful examples of the doors and windows in situ, to ask questions and to discover more about the technology behind these house-transforming products, visit one of Express’ showrooms. Located in Leeds, Glasgow, Romford and Redhill, they’ll let you get a real sense of the splendour of modern aluminium glazing.

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