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7 creative ideas for decorating your home with stripes

January 9, 2020

Stripes are a versatile pattern that can be used in all kinds of ways to decorate your home. Why not try these easy styling ideas for something a little bit different?

Secret Linen Store Ticking Stripe bed linen lifestyle 1 standard pillowcase 14 double duvet cover 99

Image: Ticking Stripe bed linen, standard pillowcase and double duvet cover, Secret Linen Store 

Stripes are a pattern staple for home interiors – a classic style of print that will never go out of style.

However, brands, interior designers and home-obsessed Instagrammers are innovating with stripes in all kinds of interesting ways – we’ve collated some of our favourite styling ideas for you to try in your own home.

Layer striped patterns

We love this idea from the Secret Linen Store for layering stripes of different scales to create a an interesting design scheme for the bed. Fancy having a go at this look yourself? 7 creative ideas for decorating your home with stripes

Change up the orientation

You might have a preference for vertical or horizontal stripes, but why not combine both? This clever kitchen design idea uses striped tiles from Otto Tiles in a super clever way.

Experiment with the colour split

carpetright portobello stripe carpet -

Image: Carpetright 

Stripes in 50/50 colour splits can sometimes feel a little intense – creating an almost circus big top feel! Soften the look by experimenting with stripes of different widths, or why not opt for something like a classic ticking fabric which helps to tone down the effect of a solid stripe print.

Use on an accent piece

A bold patterned accent chair can look great in a space, but it can be a sizeable investment which might look out of place when trends change or you switch up your space. Stripes are timeless, so you can invest in a striped piece knowing that it’ll still be in style next season.

Choose wobbly lines

ikea godtagbar striped vases -

Image: Godtagbar vases, Ikea 

Another way to soften the effect of strong vertical and horizontal lines is to choose a design which offers a handmade feel. The wobbly lines of hand-illustrated pieces will help give your home a desirable artisanal feel and stop it feeling too stark and mass-produced.

Try offset stripes

west elm off set stripe blanket -

Image: Offset stripe blanket, West Elm 

We’re seeing a growing trend for patterns made up of offset stripes, using simple lines to make new and exciting patterns.

Use texture and 3D effects

Toshi bedside table from atkin and thyme -

Image: Toshi bedside table, Atkin & Thyme 

Ridged, 3D materials are a big trend in interiors, and are a perfect way to incorporate stripes into your home. A design like the Toshi bedside table from Atkin & Thyme has brass inlaid into concrete, creating a cool chevron design that has texture too.


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