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Award-winning interiors blogger, Malcolm Begg renovated his guest bedroom for Revamp, Restyle, Reveal, and we've got the scoop on how he decorated his vibrant, vintage inspired bedroom makeover

Teal Scheme Bedroom With Teal Walls Teal Bedding And Vintage Furniture With Gold And Orange Accents

Image: Malcolm Begg

As part of Revamp, Restyle, Reveal, interiors blogger, artist and DIY-expert, Malcolm Begg took up the four week challenge to renovate the guest bedroom in his Victorian terrace.

Malcolm has given the room he once referred to as a 'dumping ground' a vibrant refresh, fusing striking teal shades with subtle white, gold and orange accents. He's also added dark antique furniture into the colour palette for a complimentary contrast, which restores the vintage charm of his period property

We caught up with Malcolm to find out how he breathed new life into pre-loved furniture, where he drew his decorating inspiration from, and what his biggest design trend predictions are for 2018.

Talk us through the concept featured in your revamped room?

Bedroom Renovation Project

Image: Initial stage of bedroom renovation, Malcolm Begg

When we first started planning, we knew that we wanted to introduce colour into the room, as the rest of the house is predominantly shades of grey. We still wanted it to be quite relaxing so kept it quite restrained with a limited palette. As we love the slightly austere Victorian style, we opted for darker furniture, lightening it up with some contemporary accessories. Talk us through the before and after.

What design elements have inspired it?

Large Wooden Antique Wardrobe In Teal Scheme Bedroom

Image: Malcolm Begg

The vintage wardrobe was really the first piece we had, so we knew we wanted something that worked with this heavy Victorian style. We decided to paint up the rest work alongside this. Having spotted the beautiful Harlequin fabrics on Style Library, we set on a colour palette.

What, if anything, did you make yourself?

Wooden Hand Painted Bedroom Furniture In Teal Scheme Bedroom

Image: Malcolm Begg

The furniture has all been painted by myself, and the wardrobe has been lovingly restored by my partner. We were going to paint it before realising that most of the damage was to the original coating, rather than the wood. I also made the bedside lights, using original vintage shades.

What do you think is important to consider when decorating a room like this room?

I think one of the most important elements is ‘what works for you?’ This room won’t just be a guest room but also, extra storage/dressing room for us. We had to consider, not just the aesthetics of the furniture, but also the functionality. A pretty vintage wardrobe would be great in a guest room, but for us it also had to be functional as an every day wardrobe. We also went for a better quality carpet than we would have if it was just a guest bedroom.

What do you think makes a house a home?

 Brown Armchair With Red And White Cushion Next To Brass Floor Lamp And Mirrors In Teal Bedroom

Image: Malcolm Begg

Many of the pieces we have in our home have sentimental value. We have a few family pieces and some are full of memories from the adventures we went on that led us to find them. Building up a collection over time adds to the story. A home is all about the people who inhabit it, so if your surroundings can reflect this, then it makes it much more homely.

What are the main advantages of redecorating a period property over a new build?

For me, it’s that you are prolonging the life of a piece of history. I love discovering what an old house has hidden under its layers.

What’s your biggest trend prediction for 2018?

I’m secretly hoping that the shiny bright metallics that we have seen so much of in recent years, will make way for more muted, natural tones. Patina and texture would be great, looking at raw finishes rather than highly polished surfaces.

Can you share some of your top decorating tips with us?

Teal Scheme Bedroom With Teal Walls Teal Bedding And Vintage Furniture With Gold And Orange Accents

Image: Malcolm Begg

You can really play with the proportions of your room by considering application of colour. I’ve never liked white skirting boards and door frames, and always tend to block them out in the same colour as the walls. I’ve even hung curtains, in the same shade as the walls in our main bedroom, which helps to maintain the feeling of space.

What tips would you give to budding interior designers about getting into the industry?

Enjoy it. If you don’t love what you do, then neither will anyone else. Be confident in your style, and don’t be swayed away by trends. This is easily done on social media.

Why is Revamp Restyle Reveal such a great campaign to get involved in?

It’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity to get to share the experience with some fantastic designers/bloggers. Encouraging others to get involved really brings the interiors community together, from all around the world. It’s so lovely to see and hear from people following along. It’s also amazing to have the support and encouragement everyone too. Not to mention the chance to get to work with some top brands.



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