OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress

March 24, 2021

The Good Homes team reviewed the OTTY Pure hybrid bamboo and charcoal mattress on the features below…


Image: OTTY


This luxurious hybrid mattress is the UK’s first design to include a bamboo memory foam with charcoal-infused layers. These two sustainable materials are in-keeping with OTTY’s environmental promise, producing a mattress that is antibacterial, eliminates odours and regulates body temperature. The removable cover (dry-clean only) also has the added benefit of providing top-notch hygiene capabilities, ensuring the mattress is kept clean and fresh throughout its lifespan. The added charcoal also helps to regulate body temperature and eliminate odours, which is excellent for any ‘hot sleepers’.

Image: OTTY


OTTY’s tallest-ever springs (16cm) – which provide full support for anyone suffering with joint and back problems – coupled with 64% spring to 36% foam, this innovative combination provides more bounce, but minimises motion transfer, too. The firmness sits at a healthy 6.5 on the scale, putting into the medium-balanced category (around 80% of people prefer this option), and is the perfect fit for different kinds of sleeping positions.

Extra details

Comes with its own special tool to reduce the risk of damage to the mattress when opening

For maximum comfort, OTTY recommend leaving for 12 hours before use

Image: OTTY


The firmness mixed with a flexible buoyancy offered a great night’s sleep for a front and back sleeper, slightly less comfortable for a side sleeper. Both temperatures were regulated perfectly and everything felt clean and fresh. The mattress also feels soft to touch and is a great plus for the eco-conscious buyer. This is definitely a high-performance mattress, and with the perfect balance of design and wellbeing, it not only offers a great night’s sleep, but you’re also being kind to yourself and the environment at the same time.


From £549.99 for a single

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