industrial-style light on exterior of house, trees in background

The hottest outdoor living trends for 2021

June 2, 2021

Stylish lighting perfect for indoors and outside


As summer rolls round, it’s time to entertain and make the most of outdoor space – especially with holidays abroad still very unlikely. Getting the lighting right will transform your evenings and make your al fresco fun long into the night…

industrial-style light on exterior of house, trees in background

Image: Industville

Bringing the outdoors in

Over the last year or so, with most of us spending more time at home than ever before, there has been a boom in home renovation. One of the key trends we’ve seen during this period is the merging of exteriors and interiors.

brass outdoor light, wet with rain

Image: Industville

More people than ever have been blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors by installing sliding and bifold doors, and by opting for a continuous decorative theme. This seamless approach leads to a less jarring look, with a gentle blend as you step inside or outside. It’s a trend that shows no sign of going away, and it’s made even easier with industrial-styled lights that are equally at home in your garden, on a patio or in your dining room, kitchen or lounge.

rear of home with patio seating, garden and wooden planter

Image: Industville, @gardener_on_theedge

Versatile style

Industville’s impressive lighting range both reflects and sets the trends for 2021 and beyond, giving you the options you need to create the perfect outdoor space in time for summer. This versatile collection of waterproof lighting offers options galore that will work for any finish you want to achieve.

stone wall of home with exterior light and number 7 plaque

Image: Industville

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a vintage look, or going for something rustic or contemporary. These lights will let you keep on playing, entertaining, gardening or just relaxing outside as dusk descends. When it comes to al fresco entertaining, candles and a scattering of solar lights aren’t going to cut the mustard – these perfect lighting additions will let you keep the party going into the night.

Key to Industville’s approach is in providing lights that look wonderful on outside walls and outbuildings, but equally so inside. They hit all the key interior style notes, giving you the chance to have a cohesive look – gorgeous lights outside, gorgeous lights in.

front door of thatched home with plants, wood cladding and lighting

Image: Industville, Danielle Khan Design

Zone your space

Whether you have a big garden to work with or are limited in your outdoor area, mixing design with functionality is another way to mirror interiors. Zoning a space will automatically make your space more welcoming.

You can achieve this by using furniture, plants and paving to create designated areas for work, rest and play. This also gives you a multi-functional space fit for every occasion.

zoned space with outdoor pool and outside lighting,

Image: Industville, @Upstyleyourhome 

Outdoor kitchen

One such example of this is an outdoor kitchen. While the barbecue is a quintessential part of summer, more time spent at homes means an upgrade on this is due. Creating your own large, built-in cooking space makes a structural statement and is a great excuse for gatherings.

There are a huge array of designs and styles available, from rustic brickwork pizza ovens to more contemporary kitchen set ups, allowing you to find something that fits your own unique style.

Outdoor brickwork kitchen with outdoor lighting,

Image: Industville, @thesussexrectory

To discover the breadth of the range, visit Industville online. You’ll find lighting at prices that work for any budget, made even better by the exclusive Good Homes discount code – simply enter GH15 at checkout for 15% off your order.

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