Written by Chanelle Moult

Designer decking that’s built to last

Invest in decking with great looks and staying power


outdoor decked patio with tables seats and roof

Image: Millboard enhanced grain coppered oak

Decking is a sure-fire way to enhance your outdoors space, from balconies to patios. But choose the right product and you can say goodbye to slippery surfaces, rot and endless cleaning…

Decking that’s different

outdoor decked patio with table chairs and food

Image: Millboard

Decking has been a popular addition to homes over the last few decades. In theory, it’s a perfect way to create a socialising place outside that’s low maintenance and tidy, all while looking great.

However, many people’s experiences have been different in reality. Traditional wood decking might look wonderful, but it expands and contracts at the behest of the weather, is prone to developing a slippery surface, rots and is infested by wood-loving insects.

Composite decking has been seen as an attractive alternative, but as that also contains wood elements, it has also proven to be far from perfect. Enter Millboard

Wood or would not?

lights set in wooden outdoor stairs

Image: Millboard edging & fascia

Millboard eliminate the unwanted downsides of wooden and composite decking by combining wood-free polyurethane and mineral stone to create a unique resin mineral. The end result is extremely stable so isn’t prone to damp, rot or warping. You won’t need to replace it every couple of years and, perhaps best of all, you won’t be scrubbing it clean like you would lesser decking.

This comes without sacrificing the evergreen appeal of wood. Available in numerous hues and finishes, Millboard’s decking is virtually indistinguishable from wood, but consistently outperforms it.

There’s a rare attention to detail here, something Millboard pride themselves on. That approach is evident not just in the beauty and hand-moulded finish of the products, but also in the way they’re sourced and manufactured. Sustainability is key, which is why Millboard have opted to have their carbon footprint verified independently. It’s a stated commitment to delivering high-performance decking without damaging the planet.

Decking designs

seating on the decking

Image: Millboard brushed basalt

Millboard’s range of authentic-looking decking has been used in numerous residential and commercial projects – including 7-star hotels in Dubai, the Chelsea Garden Flower Show and at Channel 4 Studios – helping to transform people’s outdoor spaces. What sets them apart is the hand-coloured finish that delivers a true-to-life shade of your choice, a timeless vintage look and one that’s sympathetic to your design needs.

The versatility of the material has seen it used outside restaurants, as planter boxes, cladding, feature walls and more – giving you numerous ways you can employ it to enhance your own home.

Millboard will be delighted to discuss your needs with flexibility in mind and provide all the accessories you need to finish your project to the highest standard.

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