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Discover easy ways to create more living space and add value to your property with an extension. Whether you extend your home upwards, outwards or into your garden, find out from Goodhomes how you can transform your home and take advantage of the latest permitted property development rights.

Amini black pendant lights with gold inner from Iconic Lights

The ultimate guide to lighting

These lighting ideas and styling tips show you how to create ambience, task zones, reading nooks and more
Family preparing vegetables at wooden table with fridge freezer behind
The Good Homes fridge freezer guide breaks down the latest advanced cooling technology to help you keep food fresh for ...

Fridge freezers: A buyer’s guide

decorative vertical radiator in ceramic finish
Designer radiators come in all shapes and sizes - vertical, bench-style, trend-led and traditional. Choose one of the latest designs ...

5 designer radiators for a cosy home

Bread makers on work top with fresh loaf in container
Bake Off is back, so why not unleash your inner Paul Hollywood and tackle bread making? If the thought of ...

Bread makers: a buyer’s guide

Man asleep in bed with sleep tech Lumie light on night stand
Struggling to get your forty winks in? You’re not alone – many of us have admitted to not getting the ...

6 sleep tech gadgets you need to invest in

Marble roller blind above freestanding bath tub in blue and white tiled room

Roller blinds: a buyer’s guide

Our pick of the best available online and in-store to switch up your window decor
Various Coffee types opener - Credit: Nathan Dumlao
With over two billion cups consumed everyday globally, the search for the best coffee machines has be(an) a tough one ...

Coffee machines: a buyer’s guide

rem-fit 600 mattress -
The Good Homes Approved team put the new 600 Lux Hybrid mattress to the test. Find out if it lives ...

Review: REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid mattress

amazon echo 10 show in green kitchen- kitchen gadgets -
Give your kitchen an intelligence upgrade by investing in the latest gadgets and smart tech. Image: Amazon The latest appliances ...

Kitchen gadgets: 10 best smart tech buys for 2021

Coffee table reads
Our picks of the coffee table books coming out this year that will take your home and garden knowledge, and ...

Best coffee table books: 5 you need to know for 2021

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Bluetooth On0Ear Headphones, John Lewis
Struggling to motivate yourself to stick to your fitness goals during lockdown? These five health gadgets mean there are no ...

Health and fitness tech: 5 ideas to help you during lockdown

Modern home office with swivel desk chairs
Invest in one of these swivel office chairs to help increase your productivity while working from home in the latest ...

Swivel desk chairs: 7 stylish picks for working from home

silentnight geltex mattress review -
The Good Homes team reviewed the Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 mattress on the features below… PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Image: Silentnight Design ...

Good Homes Approved: Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 mattress

paint chip 2021 wall calendar - best buys -
Check out these stylish solutions for juggling the family schedule, organising the week, and bossing your business goals over the ...

8 must-have wall calendars, organisers and diaries for 2021