How to create the perfect nursery and prepare your home for a new arrival.

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If you’re in full nesting mode and want to prepare a functional but stylish nursery then listen up. We’ve put together our top interior essentials that we think every room for a little one needs.

A stylish nursing chair 

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Chances are not only will the baby be spending a lot of time in the nursery but you will be, too! Bearing this in mind, it’s important to choose furniture that is comfortable and that you really love. Make sure that whatever chair you choose that it supports your back and has a lot of padding to it.

Fun and quirky shelves

nursery shelf cuckooland - 7 interior essentials for decorating a nursery - bedroom - 

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For such little people, babies come with a lot of stuff which inevitably means lots of storage! So, why not make it fun? Shelves are a great option for displaying items that are nice to look at such as books, toys and artwork. You can always get creative and upcycle some yourself with a lick of paint to match your nursery scheme.

Patterned feature wall 

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The nursery is definitely a room within the home that you can let your imagination run wild. Be creative with your paint and wallpaper choices to avoid being totally neutral. Popular motifs include landscapes, jungle-inspired designs and starry themes. A feature wall is also an easy way of injecting colour into your nursery as you can leave the other walls plain and still make a statement.

Scandi-style cot 

cuckooland cot - 7 interior essentials for decorating a nursery - bedroom -

Image: Cuckooland

Furniture inspired by Scandinavia is a popular choice for a nursery as it creates the feeling of calm. A cot is of course an essential for any baby’s room and is often the focal point. We love this baby blue Sebra cot from Cuckooland (£699); it adds a subtle hint of colour as well as boasting a modern curved design.

Cosy rugs 

  teal kids room next opener - 7 interior essentials for decorating a nursery - bedroom -

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Making your nursery feel cosy is important and what better way to do so than with a fluffy rug or two? Also, if you’re not a massive fan of your flooring this is a useful trick to cover unsightly floors. Opt for a patterned design to jazz up your nursery space or use a circular one to zone off a certain area of the room – a reading nook for example.

Personalised artwork 

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Give your nursery a splash of personality with artwork that means something to you. Be mindful of the way you organise your prints and what frames you pick as this can change the whole vibe of a room. If you want to display lots of art, opt for a gallery wall. Remember, babies love black and white so maybe keep this in mind when shopping for your artwork.


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