Be sure to switch off from the stress of the day and get a good night's sleep. Here's how...

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Getting a good night's sleep when you're stressed can be tricky. The sleep experts at The French Bedroom Company have used their knowledge to provide some key tips to follow to have a good night of sleep with the current pandemic stress in everyone’s life.

Routine is important 

Going to bed every night at the same time can help your body clock establish a sturdy routine, meaning you will be energised during the day and your body will know when to switch off at bed time. The recommended daily amount of sleep is 8 hours, so reaching this goal could make a big difference in reducing stress.

No tech before bed

Using devices before bedtime is proven to disrupt sleep. Over stimulating the mind makes it difficult to switch off and relax, whilst the artificial screen glare known as 'blue light' reduces the production of melatonin – the hormone which regulates the sleeping and waking cycle.

Mindful decorating

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The way you decorate your bedroom can have a massive effect on how much you can relax and unwind in it. According to colour psychology, blue comes out on top for its restful and relaxing properties, followed closely by green and pink. Accessorise your space with plants to cleanse the air and natural materials for a cosy vibe.

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Relaxation technique

The full body scan is a relaxation technique that will help you fall asleep. It involves systematically scanning every area of the body and noting all the individual sensations from the toes upwards is excellent for releasing tension and de-stressing the mind.

Create the right conditions

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The perfect temperature for sleep is around 18°C, which during summer can be achieved in a number of ways. Consider choosing a duvet with a tog rating of between 2.5-4. Investing in black-out blinds also prevents the bright sunlight streaming into your bedroom during long summer evenings. 

If these additions still aren't cool enough for you, it might be time to purchase a fan. Depending on your style and budget, there will be a design to suit you.

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