Written by Chanelle Moult

Stylish baths made for long, hot soaks

Discover how a unique process is making these bathtubs hold in heat for longer, warmer bathing.


white and grey free standing bath in room with wooden floor

There’s little point in having a striking bath standing proud in your statement bathroom if the water goes lukewarm before you’ve even settled in. That’s why the latest styles are pioneering a unique material designed for those who love a long soak. 

Some like it hot

bronze free standing bath with feet next to stand

One of life’s finest moments is slowly sinking tired limbs into a deep, hot, aromatic bath. More and more of us are basing our bathroom layouts around gorgeous baths that let us do exactly that. Freestanding and roll-top baths are becoming increasingly common, as they combine style with a touch of luxury. However, many of the options on the market might look the part, but have a problem with leakage. 

While they may not leak water, they certainly leak heat, leaving you sat in water that’s rapidly plunging in temperature. What’s the solution? 

Keep the heat

short but deep pink free standing bath

Albion Bath Co. has pioneered its own material that rides to the rescue – Iso-Enamel. It has other benefits over the traditional alternatives of acrylic and cast iron, but one of its key quaities is the way it retains the heat of your bath water.

orange and red free standing baths side by side

Developed using Albion Bath Co.’s own patented method, it’s a combination of a special reinforced mineral with a high technology resin. It boasts both durability and strength, but also acts as an insulator. By comparison, cast-iron baths may be a traditional choice, but they’re also conductors and so lose heat rapidly. Your relaxing soak will turn into a short dip – or you’ll be topping up the water constantly, which isn’t cost-effective, energy-friendly or very relaxing.

Soak in style

two deep free standing baths on chequered floor

This leap forward in bath materials doesn’t come at the expense of good looks. Albion Bath Co.’s range spans small freestanding baths perfect for compact bathrooms and deep roll top baths that look beautiful and will let you luxuriate in style. 

Available between 1200mm to 2200mm in length, you’ll find one that fits your space and design, with paintable exteriors, burnished finishes and options galore. Lighter than cast iron, they won’t require support, they’re easier to install and did we mention that they keep your bath warmer longer too? Bath time bliss has arrived.

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